Previous participants Include:

Rachel Ankeny (2012); Jan Baedke (2016); Ann-Sophie Barwich (2012-13); Antonios Basoukos (2012-2015); Louise Bezuidenhout (2012-2015); Berris Charnley (2012); James DiFrisco (2014); Jo Donaghy (2012-2014); Sebastien Dutreuil (2014); Sara Green (2013); Tarquin Holmes (2012-2016); Rebekka Hufendiek (2016); Alison Kraft (2012); Nadive Levin (2012-2015); Rogerio Lima Barbosa (2015-2016); Miguel López Paleta (2015); James Lowe (2012-2016); Chris Manias (2012); Pierre-Olivier Méthot (2013); Michael Morrison (2012); Mila Petrova (2012-13); Orkun Soyer (2012-13); Vanessa Triviño (2016); Thijs van Stigt (2015-2016); Elena Walsh (2013-2014); Sara Weaver (2015); Jessey Wright (2015); William Wimsatt (2012); Ozlem Yilmaz (2016).



Programme for 2017-2018

Autumn term

  • 9th October – John Dupré
  • 23rd October – Çağlar Karaca
  • 13th November – Katharine Tyler
  • 20th November – Eder Zavala & Giovanna Colombetti
  • 27th November – Stephan Guttinger
  • 11th December – Ric Sims

Spring term

  • 29th January – Daniel Nicholson
  • 19th February – Petter Hellström
  • 26th February – Ginny Russell
  • 5th March – Jacob Habinek
  • 12th March – Gemma Anderson
  • 26th March – Angela Cassidy

Summer term

  • 4th June – Antonios Basoukos
  • 11th June – Mark Canciani
  • 18th June – Nicolò Valentini


__________Programme 2016/2017__________

Autumn term

10th October – Nils Güttler, “Deceleration: Biogeography, Snails and Industrial Landscapes of Belonging Before WW1”

17th October – Stefano Canali, “Integration Data in EXPOsOMICS”

31st October – Sabina Leonelli, “Time-Scales of Data Use: On the Life Cycles, Ontology and Understanding of Biological Data”

14th November – Adam Toon, “Epistemology as Fiction”

5th December – Astrid Schräder, “Time, Affect, and Microbial Suicide”


Spring term

16th January – Gregor Halfmann, “Sampling as Material Integration and Material Continuity. The Creation of Samples in the CPR Survey”

20th January – Mark Canciani, “An Organisational Approach to Eusociality and Superorganisms: Are Eusocial Insect Traits Higher-Level Colony Functions?”

13th February – Niccolo Tempini & Sabina Leonelli, “Concealment and Discovery: The Role of Information Security in Biomedical Data Journeys”

27th February – Davide Serpico,  “The Quantitative Genetic View: A Critical Evaluation”


Summer term

24th April – Jack Griffiths, “Living Well and Producing Well: Diagnosing and Overcoming the Confusion of Means and Ends”

8th May – Daniel Nicholson & John Dupré, “Towards a Processual Philosophy of Biology”

22nd May – William Bechtel, “Using the Hierarchy of Biological Ontologies to Identify Mechanisms in Flat Networks”

5th June – Thomas Bonnin, “Representing the Past”



Programme 2015/2016


Autumn term

19th October – Paul Brassley, “‘Living in a Sea of Information’: Knowledge Networks in UK Agriculture, 1940-85”

2nd November – Sara Weaver, “Bringing Feminism and Evolutionary Science Together: Two Approaches”

9th November – Miguel López Paleta, “Gallus Gallus genome”

16th November – Jessey Wright, “On the meta-analysis of Neuroimaging Data”

7th December – William Goodwin, “Volatile Spirits: Scientists and Society in Gulliver’s Third Voyage”


Spring term

11th January – Gail Davies, “‘Increasing in size and diverging in character’: Licensing practices and the global politics of laboratory animal research”

25th January – Stephan Güttinger, “Towards a process ontology for macromolecular biology”

8th February – Brian Rappert and Catelijne Coopmans, “Accords on the Mind”

29nd February – Lorenzo Beltrame, “‘Play it again, Sam’. Taking Polanyi seriously in understanding the social embeddedness of cord blood economies”

7th March – Flavia Fabris, “Canalization and Development: Towards a Process Account of Cryptic Genetic Variability”

21st March – Susan Kelly, “Recontacting in clinical practice: an investigation of the views of healthcare professionals and clinical genetic scientists in the United Kingdom”


Summer term

9th May – Giovanna Colombetti and Tom Roberts, “Affecting Perceptual Experience”

23rd May – Shane Glackin, “Rule-following and the Evolution of Public Language”

6th June – Jim Lowe, Gail Davies and Sabina Leonelli, “Experimental protocols and the translational imperative in pharmacology”

27th June – Ginny Russell and Steven Kapp, “‘The outliers should not be normalised’: A thematic analysis of autistic adults’ understanding of Neurodiversity”



Programme 2014/2015


Autumn term

13th October – John Dupré, “A Process Ontology for Biology”

27th October – Brian Rappert, “Sensing absence: How to see what is not there”

11th November – Paul Griffiths, Arnaud Pocheville, and Karola Stotz, “Measuring causal specificity”

19th November – Sabina Leonelli and Nadine Levin, “Negotiating Openness in Practice: Open Science and the Valuation of Scientific Research Outputs”

24th November – Jennifer Cuffe, “The time of adverse drug reaction databases in Canada”

1st December – James Lowe, “Ontology and Practice – Taking Variation Seriously”


Spring term

21st January – Dan Nicholson, “Neither Logical Empiricism nor Vitalism, but Organicism: What the Philosophy of Biology Was” (co-authored with Richard Gawne)

4th February – Ilana Löwy, ‘Fleck the public health expert’

18th February – Angelique Richardson – ‘Victorian Monism: Mind and Body in Thomas Hardy’

4th March – Thibault Racovski, “On ambiguities in the definition of evolutionary novelties and their consequences for the debate on the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.”


Summer term

29th April – Tarquin Holmes, “Standing in for Nature: A History & Pre-History of the Role of Wild Types in Classical Genetics.”

13th May – Niccolo Tempini, “Till Data Do Us Part. Sociality and the proliferation of objects in social media-based discovery.”

10th June – Adam Toon, “Tools, concepts and incommensurability”



Programme 2013/14


Autumn term

7th October – Giovanna Colombetti, “Scaffoldings of the affective mind”

21st October – Paul Griffiths, “Crick information”

30th October – Jo Donaghy, “Temporal decomposition: A strategy for building mathematical models of complex metabolic systems”

18th November – Nadine Levin, “What’s Being Translated in Translational Research? Making and Making Sense of Data Between the Laboratory and the Clinic”

2nd December – Samantha Hurn, “Land of Beasts and Dragons: Anthropological Myth-Making in Rural Wales”


Spring term

13th January – Tarquin Holmes, “What was the Contribution of ‘Science’ to 18th Century Livestock Improvements and who did the Contributing?”

20th January – Ann-Sophie Barwich, “A Fine Nose for Timeliness: The Discovery of The Olfactory Receptors and Its Role within the Life of an Emerging Experimental System”

27th January – Edward Skidelsky, “What can we learn from happiness surveys?”

10th February – Nick Binney, “Nosology, Ontology and Promiscuous Realism”

24th February – Rani Lill Anjum, “It’s Not All in Your Genes: The Dispositional Nature of Causal Mechanisms in Biology”

10th March – Sebastien Dutreuil, “Natural selection, Niche Construction and the Gaïa Hypothesis”


Summer term

12th May – Sabina Leonelli, “Implications for Philosophy: Producing Knowledge by Situating Data”

28th May – Staffan Müller-Wille, “Revisiting the Origin of Genetics”

9th June – James Lowe, “Normal development before there were standards”



Programme 2012/13


Autumn term

1st October – Staffan Müller-Wille, “Lists as Research Technologies”

15th October – Sabina Leonelli, “Integrating Data to Acquire Knowledge: Three Modes of Integration in Plant Science”

29th October – Ann-Sophie Barwich, “The Role of Materiality in the Diversity of Classification Practices: An Epistemic History of Odour Materials in the 19th and 20th Century”

19th November – Jo Donaghy

10th December – Rachel Ankeny, “Situated Models”.


Spring term

21st January – Sara Green

4th February – Stephen Hinchliffe “Differentiated Circuits: The Ecologies of Knowing and Securing Life”

25th February – Giovanna Colombetti

4th March – James Lowe

18th March – Ann Kelly

25th March – Pierre-Olivier Méthot

29th April – Adam Toon


Summer Term

20th May – Paul Brassley

3rd June – Nicholas Binney

17th June – Samantha Hurn



Programme 2012

16/1:  Sabina Leonelli on the impact of classification systems such as bio-ontologies on experimental biology.

30/1: Berris Charnley on (the history of) intellectual property in plant science (with visitor: Prof Christophe Bonneuil from Paris).

13/2:  John Dupre on the ways in which recent findings in microbiology and metagenomics challenge existing ideas about life, evolution and reproduction.

27/2: Michael Morrison on whether or not regenerative medicine (RM) could be considered a scientific discipline in its own right.

12/3: Louise Bezuidenhout

19/3: (11:30am-12.30pm) William Wimsatt – discussion based on his paper ‘On building reliable pictures with unreliable
data: An evolutionary and developmental coda for the new systems biology’


30/4: Tarquin Holmes on ‘The Introduction of Wild-Type into Transmission Genetics: Displacement, Reification, Challenges, Endurance’

14/5: Jim Lowe on ‘Normal Development’

28/5: Chris Manias on the presentation of “Peking Man” in Britain in the 1920s & 30s.


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