The Biological Interest Group will return in the autumn

Plans will be put on this website as soon as they are confirmed, but we can confirm that after the last Biological Interest Group session today, the new series will begin on the week of 8th October, and happen every two weeks from that.


28th May – 1-2pm – Seminar Room, Byrne House

Chris Manias will be presenting an early draft of  an article looking at the presentation of “Peking Man” in Britain in the 1920s & 30s. If you would like a copy of the article and the notes for discussion prepared for the meeting, please email jwel201 [at]

For any other information please contact Sabina Leonelli at S.Leonelli [at]

14th May – 1-2pm – Seminar Room, Byrne House

Jim Lowe will be discussing the work available for download below on ‘Normal Development’.  Please see also the notes below. It is Jim’s intention with this work to provoke interest in the notion of normal development, to develop a critique of certain ways of speaking about and understanding development to be ‘normal’, and to propose an alternative.  Jim will welcome the group’s thoughts on the content and structure of his work, and also on how he can relate what he have done back to his thesis topic (see the notes for further details).

Normal development – Normal development for BIG 14.5.12

Notes for the discussion – Notes for discussion 14.05.12

For any further information please contact Jim Lowe at jwel201 [at]