19th March – 11.30am-12.30pm – Seminar room, Byrne House

This is an additional date that has been added to the programme of the Biological Interest Group, from 11:30am-12:30pm on Monday 19th March.  We will be discussing a paper by (and with) William Wimsatt.  The paper and background reading are below:

Paper: Boogerd-SysBio’07

Background reading: Wimsatt-Ch.s 1-3 copy


For further information please email Sabina Leonelli: S.Leonelli [at] exeter.ac.uk


12th March – 1-2pm – Seminar Room, Byrne House

Louise Bezuidenhout will be leading the discussion based on “The Possible Involvement of Ethics in Paradigm Changing“.  Dr Bezuidenhout wants to present the BIG with a question that she identified while analyzing her fieldwork.  It is not an area that she has much knowledge of, and she hopes that by opening it up for discussion in the BIG she might learn more about the nature of this issue.

See the following download for an outline on the topic, and potential questions and directions the discussion could consider: Biological Interest Group 12 March

And here are some potentially useful addtional readings:

Precautionary principle and dual-use – A precautionary principle for dual use research in the life sciences

Responsibility and dual-use – Ethical and Philosophical Consideration of the Dual-use Dilemma in the Biological Sciences

A classic dual-use dilemma – Link

Possible additional example of an early stage of ethical ‘paradigm-shift’ – Early detection and intervention in psychosis – an ethical paradigm shift

A reminder that the week following this session of the Biological Interest Group, there will be an additional session, the details of which are in the post below this one.  There will be another update on this website nearer the time.

For further information please email Sabina Leonelli: S.Leonelli [at] exeter.ac.uk