N.b. – We have decided to change the name of the Biological Interest Group this year in order to better capture its aims and purposes. Our group is interested in all topics of relevance to Egenis research activities, which as you will see from the Egenis website consist of five strands (biology and cross-species interactions; health and illness; mind, body and culture; data and knowledge processing; and responsible innovation in practice). In order to signal this we have changed name this year, our previous name was frequently misunderstood to be much narrower than intended.

The meetings are focused on discussing each other’s work, making sure we have an informal space to debate each other’s ideas, and provide constructive and friendly feedback to improve work in progress. Egenis and Exeter more broadly are home to a fantastic set of scholars, and it is crucial that we make a little time to update each other on our work and profit from the intellectual richness and liveliness of our thriving research culture. Scholars at all levels of seniority, from MA students to faculty, are warmly welcome, so please help us to spread the word.

Prof. Sabina Leonelli
Benjamin Smart


The programme for the year is currently under construction and we will continue to update it on our website. Please email us if you have any interest in presenting and discussing your work in progress during this or the next term. We meet in Byrne House at 2-3 pm on Mondays, starting from October 1st.


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