Programme for Oct. 2018 – June. 2019

The Egenis Research Exchange (ERE) meets every fortnight to discuss developing work by scholars and students at Egenis, the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences.

Discussions focus on matters of interest concerning the history, philosophy, and sociology of the life sciences, broadly conceived, and including the cognitive and biomedical domains. We aim to bring together scholars and students, who share in these interests, to showcase and develop their own work in a friendly environment.

Egenis is located in Byrne House on the University of Exeter main (Streatham) campus. The main entrance to Byrne House is on St German’s Road, which is off Pennsylvania Road. EReE meets on Monday every two weeks, usually from 2-3pm in the seminar room of Byrne House. 

Attendance and participation is open to all, regardless of disciplinary affiliation, and there is no requirement to register or notify us beforehand. (N.b. that tea is hosted usually from 3:00 pm to 3:30 on Mondays, which is then followed by an Egenis seminar).

Autumn semester

  • 1st October – Dook Shepherd
  • 15th October – Kirsten Walsh
  • 29th October – Tim Lenton
  • 12th November – David Hutchinson & Adrian Currie
  • 15th November – Ciprian Jeler
  • 3rd December  – Danielle Rhianna Lemieux

Spring semester

  • 28th January – Delphine Jacobs
  • 11th February – Chiara Ambrosio
  • 25th February – Sophie Gerber
  • 11th March – Niccolò Tempini & Sabina Leonelli
  • 25th March – Joel Krueger & Tom Roberts

Summer semester

  • 20th May – Sophie Veigl
  • 3rd June – Helen Curry
  • 17th June – Sam Wilkinson (cancelled – hope to reschedule for next year)

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