About Us

Who we are

The Egenis Research Exchange (ERE) meets every fortnight to discuss developing work by scholars and students at Egenis, the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences.

From the beginning of 2012 until the June of 2018, the group was known as The Biological Interest Group. Although the aim and format of the group predominantly remains the same, it was felt that the new name and image was a better descriptor of and a better fit for the group’s purposes.


Our purpose and aims

The group aims to bring together scholars and students, from across the University of Exeter, who share a common interest in the sociology, history, and philosophy of the life sciences, which is broadly conceived to include the cognitive and biomedical domains as well.

With a diverse range of interests, the group aims to showcase the developing research of our members, enabling colleagues to keep up to date with current research activities. Moreover, the group aims to encourage a friendly and informal environment from which participants may offer constructive evaluation and criticism on any developing work presented.


The format of the session

ERE meets on Monday every two weeks, usually from 2-3pm in the seminar room of Byrne House (see link to Egenis for directions).

Discussions focus around readings of works presented by the author(s). The presenter’s work is circulated two weeks before it is discussed in a group session, allowing members to read through the work ahead of time. In this way, members are able to keep up with the research activities of many of their colleagues.

After a brief presentation of the purpose, aims, and audience of the work, the group discusses it in an, informally chaired, question and answer format, between the group and the presenter. In so doing, members offer suggestions, evaluative comments, and constructive criticism.

Attendance and participation is open to all regardless of disciplinary affiliation, and there is no requirement to register or notify us beforehand. (N.b. that Egenis typically hosts a tea from 3 to 3:30 pm on Mondays, followed by an Egenis seminar.)

There is a mailing list to subscribe to, where information on a participant and their work is distributed.

If you would like to sign up to the mailing list or if you would like to present some work to the group at ERE, please contact one of the coordinators: –

  • Prof. Sabina Leonelli <s.leonelli@exeter.ac.uk>
  • Benjamin Smart <bs406@exeter.ac.uk>






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