Programme 2017-18

The Biological Interest Group (BIG) discusses matters of interest in the history, philosophy and sociology of the life sciences, broadly conceived to include the cognitive and biomedical domains. It is organised by the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences, and brings together interested scholars from across the university.

Discussions centre around readings of works presented by the author(s). The BIG meets on Monday every two weeks, usually from 2-3pm in the seminar room of Byrne House (see link to Egenis for directions).

Attendance and participation is open to all regardless of disciplinary affiliation, and there is no requirement to register or notify us beforehand. (Note that Egenis typically hosts a tea from 3 to 3:30 pm on Mondays, followed by an Egenis seminar.)

Autumn term

  • 9th October – John Dupré
  • 23rd October – Çağlar Karaca
  • 13th November – Katharine Tyler
  • 20th November – Eder Zavala & Giovanna Colombetti
  • 27th November – Stephan Guttinger
  • 11th December – Ric Sims

Spring term

  • 29th January – Daniel Nicholson
  • 19th February – Petter Hellström
  • 26th February – Ginny Russell
  • 5th March – Jacob Habinek
  • 12th March – Gemma Anderson
  • 26th March – Angela Cassidy

Summer term

  • 4th June – Antonios Basoukos
  • 11th June – Mark Canciani
  • 18th June – Nicolò Valentini

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