Çağlar Karaca at the Biological Interest Group – Monday, 23rd October, 2-3pm, Byrne House

The second meeting of BIG saw some fruitful discussion of a draft chapter, titled ‘order, disorder, and self-organisation’, from Çağlar Karaca’s doctoral work. The author has sought to assess the concept of self-organisation, and it was suggested that to adequately treat issues of self-organisation for theoretical biology, one should encourage an interdisciplinary approach; specifically, the fields of thermodynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and chemistry were identified as fertile for promoting theoretical work for our concept of self-organisation in nature. In general, the discussion moved towards identifying shared concepts in these fields, such as ‘regulation’ and ‘homeostasis’; but concerns were raised as to their differing uses, meanings, and contexts. Interesting distinctions and comparisons were made between the writings of Kaufmann (1993, 1996, 2000), Schrödinger ([1967] 2013) and Kant ([1790] 1978). Finally, the case of microtubule self-organisation was briefly explored (see Glade, Beaugnon & Tabony, 2006).

If you’d be interested in joining the group and discussing, with Çağlar, his research, please contact us here.

At our next meeting (13th November), we have Dr. Katharine Tyler presenting a paper.


Glade, N., E. Beaugnon, & J. Tabony, ‘Ground-based methods reproduce space-flight experiments and show that weak vibrations trigger microtubule self-organisation’, Biophysical Chemistry, 121:1 (2006) 1-6

Kant, I., Critique of the Power of Judgement [1790], trans. by J.C. Meredith, (Clarendon Press, 1978)

Kauffman, S., The Origins of Order (Oxford University Press, 1993)

Kauffman, S., At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organisation and Complexity, (Oxford University Press, 1996)

Kauffman, S., Investigations, (Oxford University Press, 2000)

Schrödinger, E., What is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell [1967], (Cambridge University Press, 2013)



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