Stefano Canali at the Biological Interest Group – Monday 17th October, 2-3pm, Byrne House

Dear all,

You are invited to the next meeting of the Biological Interest Group. It will take place this coming Monday 17th of October. The meeting will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 2-3pm. Participants can bring food and drinks if they wish.

Next week we are very pleased to receive the visit of Stefano Canali, from Leibniz Universität Hannover, discussing the paper “Integration Data in EXPOsOMICS”. The author kindly provided us with a short introduction to the paper, and where we might help :

“This draft is essentially the starting point of the case-study research of my PhD thesis, which is on the use of data in the biomedical project called EXPOsOMICS. In the paper, I present EXPOsOMICS and I focus on its innovative approach to research on chronic disease and the role played by integration in the project. I was actually thinking that I may end up writing two papers on these issues, one on the innovations of EXPOsOMICS from the perspective of epidemiology and one on data integration. It would be great if you could tell me what you think about my presentation of EXPOsOMICS approach to disease as an innovation and its relation with genomics. Also, you will see that the points about integration are essentially questions: this is (also) because I’m going to interview scientists on these issues, and I would appreciate your thoughts on those questions and which points you think are worth discussing with them.”

If you’d be interested in joining the group and discussing Nils’ paper, please contact Thomas Bonnin [tb391 (at)].


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