Tom Roberts and Giovanna Colombetti at the Biological Interest Group – Monday 9th May, 2-3pm, Byrne House

Dear all,

You are invited to the next meeting of the Biological Interest Group. It will take place this coming Monday 9th of May. The meeting will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 2-3pm. Participants can bring food and drinks if they wish.

Next week we are very pleased to receive the visit of Tom Roberts and Giovanna Colombetti, from Exeter, discussing their paper “Affecting Perceptual Experience”. The authors kindly sent us a short description of the paper and how we might help:

“This short paper is a work in progress in which we discuss the question of whether, and how, an individual’s affective states – including her emotions and moods – can help to determine how she perceptually experiences the world around her. Drawing on an ecological approach to perception, according to which living agents perceive their surroundings in terms of the opportunities for action that it affords them, we argue that there are cases in which a subject’s affective condition can influence perceptual experience in a deep and non-trivial way. There are cases in which a person’s affective condition is strongly associated with a particular profile of embodied characteristics (such as tensed muscles, increased heart-rate, and postural changes). These features alter what she is able to do within her environment, and so transform the opportunities for action she perceives her surroundings as affording.

We would be especially interested to hear what the group thinks about our examples (and to gather more suggestions!), and to receive general advice on how to improve the paper. This version has a few sections taken out, as we haven’t settled on the scope and structure of the final piece, and we’d be very happy to discuss the overall construction of the paper.”

Please contact Thomas Bonnin (tb391 [at] if you wish to join the group or for any other information.


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