Paul Brassley at the Biological Interest Group – Monday 19th October, 1-2pm, Byrne House

Dear all,

You are invited to next week’s meeting of the Biological Interest Group (BIG). It will take place this coming Monday 19th of October. It will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 1-2pm. Participants can bring lunch and drinks if they wish.

Next week we are very pleased to receive the visit of Paul Brassley, from Politics. We will be discussing the paper ”Living in a Sea of Information’: Knowledge Networks in UK Agriculture, 1940-85′. Paul kindly provided us with a summary of this work :

‘As you will see, the paper traces the history of the knowledge network in UK agriculture from about 1940 to 1985 (the reason for this period is explained in the paper) and also attempts to analyse it. It is therefore rather more empirical and less theoretical than the previous paper discussed in BIG this term, but there is some theory towards the end for those who persist. It has been produced for a collection of essays on knowledge networks in agriculture across Europe (mainly western Europe) since about 1700, currently being edited by Leen Van Molle and Yves Segers at Leuven University. It began as a fairly long piece and has lengthened further in response to the editors’ initial comments, so those who wish to cut the amount they have to read have the choice of either concentrating on the history (end of p.2 to beginning of p.17) or on the analysis (pp.1-2 and 17-22).’

Please contact Thomas Bonnin (tb391 [at] if you wish to join the group or for any other information.


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