Tarquin Holmes at the Biological Interest Group, Wednesday 29th April, 1-2pm, Byrne House

You are invited to the next meeting of the Biological Interest Group (BIG). It will take place this coming Wednesday 29th April. It will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 1-2pm. Participants can bring lunch and drinks if they wish.

Next week we are very pleased to receive the visit of Tarquin Holmes, from EGENIS. We will be discussing the attached paper ‘Standing in for Nature: A History and pre-History of the Role of Wild Types in Classical Genetics’. Due to the length of the paper, we invite you to pay attention in priority to the second half of the paper, starting from the “Mendelism, Mutation Theory & the New Perspective on Variation in Early 20th Century Genetics” section. Comments on how to improve the efficiency and concision of the argument are warmly welcomed.

Please contact Thomas Bonnin at tb391 [at] exeter.ac.uk for a copy of the paper or for any other information.


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