First 2015 meeting of Biological Interest Group, Wednesday 21st January, 1-2pm, Byrne House

Dear all,

You are invited to the first 2015 meeting of the Biological Interest Group (BIG). It will take place this coming Wednesday 21st January. It will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 12-1pm. Participants can bring lunch and drinks if they wish.

This year will kick off with Dan Nicholson, from EGENIS. We will be discussing the attached paper he co-authored with Richard Gawne (Duke), entitled ‘Neither Logical Empiricism nor Vitalism, but Organicism. What the Philosophy of Biology Was’. This is an almost complete draft of a manuscript. It reappraises the history of the philosophy of biology, paying particular attention to the state of play in the field in the early decades of the 20th C. It argues that the reasons philosophers have given for disregarding this early literature can no longer be defended.

The draft is still under work, especially on the section on organicism. They also plan to incorporate a second figure in that section, which is left at the end of the document. Dan would be grateful for any feedback on the argumentative coherence of the piece, on whether the concluding discussion effectively addresses the problem set out in the introduction, and on any general comment (structure or content) that might help them strengthen the thesis of the paper.

Please contact Thomas Bonnin at tb391 [at] for a copy of the paper or for any other information.

As always, please do not disseminate this work in progress any further.


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