WEDNESDAY 19th November – 1-2pm – Seminar Room, Byrne House

You are invited to the next meeting of the Biological Interest Group (BIG) which will take place on WEDNESDAY 19th November. As usual, it will be held in the seminar room at Byrne House, from 1-2pm. Participants can bring lunch and drinks if they wish.

We will be discussing the attached work entitled ‘Negotiating Openness in Practice: Open Science and the Valuation of Scientific Research Outputs’, by Nadine Levin and Sabina Leonelli.

Dr Levin writes, by way of introduction to BIG participants: “This paper is a combined attempt by myself and Sabina to critically think through the meanings and implications of the imperative/norm of “openness” that is embedded within the Open Science movement.  It is based on the empirical results of the 9-month pilot project we carried out last year, but also draws on our cumulative experience in the biomedical and life sciences.  It is very much a work in progress, which we are looking forward to discussing with the BIG community before I leave in a week and a half!

We have been working the most on the framing of the paper (on finding a meaningful argument that is in dialogue with a wide variety of literature, and which also emerges from our data/experiences).  In doing so, we would really love feedback on a wide variety of topics, but most notably: (1) the framing (particularly the notions of norms/values and “top-down/bottom-up,” and (2) how our use of the empirical examples relates to the framing/argument.  So, we would appreciate comments more on the content of the paper than on its structure etc.”

Please contact Jim Lowe at jwel201 [at] for a copy of the paper or for any other information.

As always, please do not disseminate this work in progress without the author’s express permission.


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